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“Entrepreneurial know-how, connections, and accountability — that’s what Temech gave me.”

Sara Miriam Gross is a journalist, and that’s obvious as we speak. She’s eloquent yet succinct, thoughtful yet precise. She’s dug up notes from her Temech networking group and can pinpoint the ways Temech helped her grow.

Writing is in her genes; both her parents were writers, and Sara Miriam was a member of a children’s reporting group, Children’s Express, where she participated in interviews and contributed to articles for syndication from the age of 11.

That eventually developed into a career as a journalist, copywriter, and translator.

“I enjoyed it, but I got to a point where I felt like I was building an empire for everyone but myself. In 2017, I went through the process of opening my own business.” she shares.

“Now I was able to give receipts. But I hadn’t niched down and didn’t view myself as a business owner. I still had a freelancer mindset.”

A year later, she joined Temech’s networking group in Beitar. Despite battling vertigo, she pushed herself to attend meetings regularly. “I learned a lot from the speakers, and our leader, Leora Gruen, constantly encouraged us to take baby steps forward. Following that advice kept my dream alive.”

Sara Miriam still has the handout with neat columns for each milestone: what I want to achieve, what strengths or resources I need to get there, when I want to achieve it, how I’ll celebrate my success, and feedback on the process.

At the time, she set three milestones and reached two of them. First, she created packages, enabling her to shift from selling hours to selling expertise. Then she built a website to showcase these packages, allowing her to accept credit cards and set appointments. Second, she set up a US phone number and found a sound system for recording interviews.

Her last milestone — pitching her copywriting translation services to Israeli business owners — took a back seat as she pivoted toward a new project…

Sara Miriam established Blue Ocean Books, a company that turns experts into authors. Initially, she offered author coaching, editing, and production and printing services.

“I know a great deal about writing and the technical aspects of the publishing process,” Sara Miriam shares. “So this combination was perfect for me.”

“The input and encouragement of the group gave me strength; goal-setting kept me focused; and the group provided accountability. Watching other members succeed in their goals was inspiring.”

When Covid struck two years later, bookstores shuttered, and many publishing projects were put on hold. Her lead funnel and her calendar were suddenly empty.

“Temech came to the rescue, offering subsidized business coaching just when I needed it most. I had the privilege of being coached by Penina Eichler.

“As we were having our sessions, I stumbled across a LinkedIn post from an entrepreneur in California who produces kosher, organic snack foods. ‘I know times are tough,” he wrote to his thousands of connections, “and if I can send any business your way, I’d like to, so pitch me.’”

That’s when Sara Miriam decided to add a new service to the menu: ghostwriting.

She took a deep dive into all his LinkedIn posts and arrived at two solid ideas that she believed could be transformed into books. Then she wrote a summary of the ideas, took a deep breath, and sent her proposal.

His response? “I’ve wanted to write a book for years.”

“He became the first client for my ghostwriting services,” she comments with a lingering tone of amazement in her voice. “And so, at the height of the pandemic, I spent a few months interviewing him and writing an ebook that established his expertise as a thought leader in healthy living.

“Penina held my hand throughout, giving advice and encouragement. What could have been a very discouraging time became an opportunity to expand my services. Temech played a crucial role in that.”

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