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Door of Opportunity

Her father came to Israel as a penniless Holocaust refugee — and created one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country.

 Esti Zomer followed in her father’s footsteps.

Her father sold the company he founded to Tadiran, then opened another company that created call centers for businesses.

Both Esti and her husband worked at the company for years.

Then her father passed away, and after twenty years of running the business together, there was a split with their partner — and suddenly, the couple found themselves jobless.

A friend connected Esti with me, and she helped me with several projects. She also embarked on a degree in business administration.

Then Corona hit.

“My husband and I decided that if we were already stuck at home, we should learn something,” Esti relates.

They chose to learn Salesforce.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM (custom relationship management) platform that helps businesses manage customer interactions and streamline sales, marketing, and support processes.

“Salesforce played to our strengths; we had deep knowledge of business processes, data, and technology.”

The couple mastered the software to such an extent that as soon as the course finished, the place in which they’d learned asked Esti’s husband to join the staff, and he started teaching several courses there.

They also opened their own business Summercloud. The Zomers, joined by their son, customize Salesforce for specific businesses.

In conversation with Temeh staff, Esti described what she was currently doing and how much it could benefit the charedi world.

“There are too many women feeling stuck in their jobs. If they’d learn Salesforce, they could dramatically increase their income. And these women wouldn’t attend a secular program.”

Temech, every open to innovation, welcomed the idea and opened a pilot group giving a small cohort of women an intensive course in Salesforce.

The three-month course was 8 hours a day, four days a week. All the members weren’t employed and badly needed work.

As soon as the program ended, half the group had already landed excellent jobs.

“Working with Salesforce is great for people who are pivoting,” says Esti. “It can be ideal for those whose children are getting a little older; their expenses are mounting, and they need a job that will offer more opportunities for growth.”

Esti felt that Temech was the perfect home for the course.

“When trying to find your place in the working world, you need information and skills, but beyond that, you also need a listening ear and support, someone who will care.

“Temech provides all of that.

“They teach tools that enable women to develop their professional abilities while strengthening their confidence and sense of purpose.

“It’s a winning combination.”

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