Meet Chani, who was able to leave a dead-end job and double her income with the TechUp internship program. 

Chani was born into a Russian immigrant family with zero connections in the Israeli hi-tech world. Despite her enthusiasm, dedication and successful completion of comprehensive studies in software development, Chani was unable to find a job. She submitted her resume to many relevant companies, but barely got called for interviews and received not a single job offer. Her family was struggling and needed her financial contribution, so after several months of rejections, Chani resignedly took a position as a child care provider. It offered low income, low mobility, and lots of frustration… but it was a job.

Then Chani discovered TechUp. She commuted straight from her child care job every morning to TechUp in the afternoons. After four months of hands-on internship experience and exposure to tech companies, in addition to guidance on interviewing and presentation, Chani landed an interview for a software development position with the Israeli government – and she clinched it!