Whos Pulling the String

“‘Avigail, bring Hashem into your business.’ That’s what Donna told me when I called for advice. “I wasn’t sure what she meant. But that week I had a performance in a school near the Kotel. I was shlepping 20 kilo of equipment, and the road was closed. I needed to get all that stuff up […]

Piyils to prosperity

It didn’t take her long to find her niche. But she wasn’t finding clients. Sara Gurt learned graphics, photography, websites design, and multimedia. After graduating, she opened not one, but two businesses: one in photography and one in website design. “I very quickly realized that I wasn’t enjoying photography, and that web design was where […]

Perfeotly Desiqned

“The moment I finished the course, I got a new job. My salary doubled overnight. “I was shocked. “And I knew I needed to bring this opportunity to others.” Rut Amiti’s passion is a force. She trained as a graphic artist and worked for ten years for a series of non-profits. “My salary was mediocre,” […]

Door of Opportunity

Her father came to Israel as a penniless Holocaust refugee — and created one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country.  Esti Zomer followed in her father’s footsteps. Her father sold the company he founded to Tadiran, then opened another company that created call centers for businesses. Both Esti and her husband worked at […]

Dancing to Her Own Tune

Osnat Lowinger discovered her dream job by accident. Four and a half years ago, she was an insurance agent with a solid office job. Her daughter was becoming bat mitzvah, and she hired a DJ for the party. “She was fabulous. We all danced up a storm. When I thanked her, she said, ‘You’d be […]

The Power Of Influence

“There are two types of marketing: persuasion and influence.” Miri Hofman Yagalnik is a polished speaker with a lot to share. But more importantly, she knows how to share it. Temech’s public speaking course helped her hone those skills and become an influencer in the marketing world. Miri started her career path as an employee, […]

Cooking Up Success

“One day, I’m going to write a book.” It’s a classic dream. And for most, it remains a dream. But with Temech behind her, Menuchah Armel moved from dream to published cookbook in just a year. Menuchah’s been cooking since she was a teenager and catering for 15 years. “I do everything but weddings,” she […]

Getting to Give

Seven years ago, Esti Brizel dropped her nearly-six-month-old son Shimon off at the babysitter and went to work. Shimon never came home. “The horror of crib death touches every member of the family,” Esti relates. “There’s the agony of attending your baby’s levaya (funeral). And then there’s the pain of everyone around you: your husband, […]

Dream Big

Rivka Noe started her career on a typical trajectory. She graduated from Michlalah with an accounting degree, made aliya in the late 90s, and worked in an accounting office for a decade. Then she wanted to open her own practice. She began working from home, but it wasn’t sustainable. “There were too many distractions,” she […]

True to Myself

What makes a business sustainable? One important element is alignment with values. “As a business owner, it’s so easy to keep moving forward without looking at the business from a bird’s eye perspective,” says Gila Arnold. “Temech helped me clarify where I wanted to focus my energies.  “And it was always couched in the larger […]

Built From Scratch

Chassida Rosenberg started creating art at the age of five. She’s never stopped. “As soon as I graduated, I learned to draw professionally,” she shares, “and I worked in event design.” Then she took over a photo-framing business. “It was physically challenging, but it channeled my creativity,” she explains. “I’d personalize the frames, paint some […]

Connect The Dots

Knowledge + Connection + Support = Income This is the winning formula Leora Gruen and I came up with when we tried to encapsulate the power of the networking group. Having led seven groups — and about to launch another — Leora has watched this formula change the lives of hundreds of women. Leora was […]