Metallic Grandeur

“I never imagined that the artwork my husband and I created for our home would become a business, but it’s exploded.” Naama Goldberg is a web developer. Back in 2005, she set up Temech’s website before their first conference. “I attended the initial meetings of the team and was excited at their plans. But then […]

Memory Matters

“I have this great idea for a business but have no clue how to make it happen.” That’s what Rena Yudkowsky shared at her first Temech networking meeting. Within a year, her amorphous idea was a robust business. Rena’s a geriatric social worker and a memory coach. For years, she worked part-time as the director […]

Fun Inc.

“Who here has a teenage daughter?” Hands shoot up around the room. “When was the last time you did something fun with your daughter, just the two of you? No errands, no siblings, just the two of you.” The hands slink down. There are some embarrassed laughs, some helpless shrugs. Yaffi Carmel, a petite dynamo, […]