Built From Scratch

Chassida Rosenberg started creating art at the age of five. She’s never stopped. “As soon as I graduated, I learned to draw professionally,” she shares, “and I worked in event design.” Then she took over a photo-framing business. “It was physically challenging, but it channeled my creativity,” she explains. “I’d personalize the frames, paint some […]

Connect The Dots

Knowledge + Connection + Support = Income This is the winning formula Leora Gruen and I came up with when we tried to encapsulate the power of the networking group. Having led seven groups — and about to launch another — Leora has watched this formula change the lives of hundreds of women. Leora was […]

On Solid Ground

Twenty years into her marriage, Chaya Brandwein was blessed with eight children — and had purchased eight apartments on a teacher’s salary. She tries to explain the math, how she put aside 2,000 NIS each month until she had a nest egg of 60,00-70,000 NIS, how she’d then mortgage her Jerusalem apartment and use the […]

In Good Taste

“It’s all about confidence; if you feel confident in your offer, so will the client.” Rivky Deutsch has learned this Temech lesson well. Rivky entered the working world at the age of 17. “I’d taken a course in creating fruit platters,” she shares. “And I saw that the teacher, Tzippi Cohen, was the director of […]

Book Smarts

“Entrepreneurial know-how, connections, and accountability — that’s what Temech gave me.” Sara Miriam Gross is a journalist, and that’s obvious as we speak. She’s eloquent yet succinct, thoughtful yet precise. She’s dug up notes from her Temech networking group and can pinpoint the ways Temech helped her grow. Writing is in her genes; both her […]

Powerful Pivot

She was a creative soul and tried her hands at teaching, running a baby carriage accessory store, and creating a clothing line. But when Esti Steinberg went through her books and realized her business was bringing in just 2,000 NIS a month, she knew it was time to move on. She went to a graphologist, […]

Systemized Success

Seven years ago, she was making $12 an hour as a VA. Today, her full-service package – which she knocks out in a day – goes for $1,500. Temima Gass moved to Eretz Yisrael as an idealistic newlywed ten years ago. She spoke no Hebrew, but had a solid job at a US-based medical billing […]

Core Competence

“Who is Temech? And what on earth is networking?” That was Shlomit Hazzan’s initial reaction when her husband showed her a Temech networking group ad. Both she and her husband, R’ Dovid, were salaried employees. They regularly lectured on financial empowerment, usually on a volunteer basis. Shlomit sings professionally and occasionally gave interactive workshops accompanied […]

Money Wise

“Earning a good income is just the first step in financial freedom. If you don’t know how to manage that money, you can’t enjoy it.” That’s the core principle behind Imahot Ma’ashrot, one of Temech’s new programs. Nechama Perl, a financial coach, and a marital counselor, leads the group. She had her own journey to […]

Metallic Grandeur

“I never imagined that the artwork my husband and I created for our home would become a business, but it’s exploded.” Naama Goldberg is a web developer. Back in 2005, she set up Temech’s website before their first conference. “I attended the initial meetings of the team and was excited at their plans. But then […]

Memory Matters

“I have this great idea for a business but have no clue how to make it happen.” That’s what Rena Yudkowsky shared at her first Temech networking meeting. Within a year, her amorphous idea was a robust business. Rena’s a geriatric social worker and a memory coach. For years, she worked part-time as the director […]